A Dark Young Girl Indeed...

Kirai is a name meaning hate. She has over come the hate she once bore toward the world, but keeps her name in rememberance of what was.

At the age of twenty-one, Kirai stands about five feet in height. Her lack of height means very little, as she is quite strong for one so small. She prefers to not use her strength, and is a pacifist. Her eyes resemble violets in their purple-blue shade, and her skin is fair. Her hair is long and brown save for the front which has grown blonde.

She is good with a sword, but uses it to protect and to hunt. Her life, at one point, was devoted to learning to master the blade so that she could overcome Ren. But things soon changed and so did she. Rage built up and took her over, and she killed all those she once knew. As repentance, she left her home and traveled to Glorfindal, where she changed her life immeadetly.

Things became wonderous as she learned to live and fit in with others, though she hardly spoke to any. She is working on gaining trust and hopes  to make better in this new life she has aquired.